Spring Goal Setting Refresh

Hey, High Achiever!

It’s important to routinely check in with your goals to see how you're progressing, or if improvements or tweaks can be made to help further you along.

Spring is the perfect time to audit and re-evaluate the goals you set at the beginning of the calendar year. Let’s dive in together!

Step 1: IDENTIFY WHAT’S WORKING WELL | so you can do it again next time.

Which of your goals are closest to being actualized? What steps did you take to get where you are? Write those steps down as new to-do’s in the Daily Schedule section of your Annual or 90 Day Playbook so you won’t forget to take them again. Consider doubling down on the steps you’ve taken that worked extremely well - prioritizing them further may lead to more success!

Step 2: NOTE WHAT DIDN’T WORK OUT | so you can see what needs fixing.

If you haven’t seen much traction on one of your goals, reflect on what may be preventing you from seeing success. (Tweet this!) Did you fall off track somewhere? Was your goal too large? Did something happen that you didn’t anticipate? The good news is that all of this is fixable! We’ll get to that in the next step. For now, just jot down anything that didn’t work as well as you wanted.

Step 3: ADJUST YOUR GOALS ACCORDINGLY | so you can fill in the gaps and see success.

Now take the things you wrote down in Step 2 and brainstorm some ways you can fill in the gaps. You may need to change your goal, adjust your methods of reaching it, set different mini-goals, etc. Write new to-do items in the Daily Schedule section of your Annual or 90 Day Playbook and fill out your monthly calendar so you don’t forget. Then get to work!

If this exercise has shown you that you haven’t reached some of your big goals yet, don’t be disheartened. The entrepreneurs who go furthest are those who are willing to experiment with new ideas and tweak things that aren’t working until they get the results they’re looking for. That’s part of being a High Achiever!

Tell us about an adjustment you made to your goals that resulted in more success in the comments below!

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