High Achiever's Playbook Tour

Hey there! Tim from the HAP Team here!

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about our Annual Playbook, so I thought I’d put together a grand tour for you so you can see everything it includes!

Our Annual Playbook is perfect for Network Marketers who are ready to uplevel their businesses! It includes several powerful features designed to help you maximize your time… and your profits. Let’s start with the basics.

INSIDE COVERS | to help you prep and prepare

The inside covers of the Playbook are dry/wet erase for those moments when you need to quickly brainstorm. There’s also a folder in the back of the Playbook that includes your Master Prospect List and attitude postcard, and plenty of room to add your own papers, brochures, notes, etc. There’s a space to write your contact information in the front and a list of our top recommended books and audios a few pages in.

DAILY SCHEDULE | where you’ll DO the work

Your Daily Schedule is the best place to break down your BIG goals into manageable, bite-sized ones. There’s a place to fill in your mission statement, a monthly calendar to see the next 30 days at a glance, and weekly planner pages to further break down your goals into days at a time. There are spaces for notes, a visual log for exercise and drinking water, and a spot to track your daily numbers at the bottom of the page.

PROGRESS TRACKING | to see how far you’ve come… and where you’re headed

It’s so important to track your progress on your goals because it will reveal your growth, areas of success, and areas in which you can do better next time. In the High Achievers Playbook, you can find two dedicated pages to tracking your progress at the end of each month’s weekly schedules. On these pages, you can track your goals and note your biggest victories for the previous month, set new goals for the next month, and craft a mission statement for the next 30 days.

Over time you’ll have several pages of growth data to reference. You’ll also be able to see patterns in your past goals, which will help you create better goals going forward! And better goals mean more achievements.

You should know. You’re a High Achiever. ;)

We hope these tips have been so helpful and that they’ve given you the confidence to purchase your first High Achievers Playbook and take it for a spin. We hear the BEST stories from so many of our customers - that using the Playbook each day has changed their businesses and their very LIVES! We know that with consistency, you can experience this amazing growth too!

Got a question about the Playbook that we didn’t cover? Leave your Q in the comments below!

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